Quasimodo's Dreams
Music By:
Perfect World

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I have been privileged to look through the eyes of a very good friend and fellow surfer "Andrew Ayers 24.10.71 - 23.11.2001"
To myself and a lot of fellow surfers Andy Fielding Mick Foulser to name but a few.
This DVD is made up from over 30 DV Tapes spanning 3 years of his life
And has taken me over 100 hours work Going through footage for the DVD.


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Chris Chiverton Jools of Gulf Stream SCOTT "deano"
DANNY NIGEL the auzzie SETTER "Andrew Ayres"
MICKEY "pirate" Unknown near miss

Surfing from Fuerteventura, France, Cornwall, Devon, Cromer and some Secret spots

This is a DVD- and will work on compatible DVD Players and PC's